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Sheffield town centre

  Strength in tradition


High streets are struggling for both relevance and survival throughout the UK.

Many Independent traders lack an online presence. Cost of retail space is soaring while more choices, congestion and lack of car parking mean fewer shoppers are walking the streets.

  Working Together


The UK’s unique attractions, traditions and heritage have survived and adapted over centuries. At Real Towns, we’re convinced high streets have the strength and capacity to thrive for many more. We believe that working together and embracing technology is vital for towns seeking to reinvent themselves.


English high street illustration



  Whole-town marketing


We know there is much more to modern town marketing than websites and social media alone. For us, they are just the beginning.

Which is why we love whole-town marketing.

You probably haven’t come across whole-town marketing before.

By bringing every aspect of your town’s trade, tourism and community life together, we have packaged them into an irresistible offering.

   Worth celebrating


It’s holistic. It’s socially inclusive. It can revolutionise life in your town, city, village or local community by promoting genuine engagement, energy and opportunities.

In Real Towns business is buzzing. Residents live with purpose and high expectations. And visitors find a thriving hub and vibrant community that truly understands its own worth and knows how to promote and enjoy itself.

We understand you want to see results, and we know how to help you achieve them. So how do we bring it all together so everyone can have a future to look forward to in the place they call home?


Portobello Market, Notting Hill


When small traders pool their resources, they give their town a truly competitive edge with access to new technology everyone can afford and share.


Photographing in Bath, England


Tourist spend and visitor numbers increase as more people learn about your town’s unique attributes, offerings and heritage – and want to experience it for themselves.


Residents at local festival


Modern towns are about far more than shops. Involving employers, civic leaders, schools, childcare centres, community groups, charities, organisations, sporting groups and residents makes a real difference.

Ours is a truly holistic approach, capturing the whole life of your place – which is why we call it whole-town marketing.

Look closely


Are shops in your town crying out for more customers?

Are businesses competing with each other rather than working together?

Are traders unable to access or afford their own digital marketing?

Are you worried about your precious traditions and heritage fading away?

Are turnouts dwindling at town festivals and events?

Has your town, village, high street or local centre simply lost its way?



If you answered yes to any of our questions, we can help.

Where you start is up to you.

Plug in our full package or begin your journey towards Real Towns Digital Status with our  Digital Survey.

Securing your town’s future will change life as you know it in your place forever.


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