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  The Best Self-Guided Mobile Tour App

Britain's ancient buildings, spectacular natural landscapes and rich heritage never looked this good.

Real Town Tours bring inspiring journeys to life in one innovative mobile app for anyone to enjoy, anywhere in the world. With a Real Town Tour as your companion, you won't miss a thing.

With GPS and digital technology, your smartphone guides you every step of the way. Relax and take in the sights with detailed info and every fascinating fact at your fingertips.

Nothing else offers clear and accurate self-guided walking tours which literally fit into the palm of your hand. It's the best tour guide app in the app store!

What You Get

GPS-guided maps of the route
Historical Info about key locations
Locations offering free wi-fi
Transport & Parking info
Shops, hospitality and accommodation
Inbuilt audio voice-overs
Current weather info

requires internet connection

Built-in social media sharing
Embedded video & 360 images (coming soon)
Quizzes and additional information pages

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Boost business & tourism

Encourage visitors to stop for rest and refreshment.

Drop into highlighted business stops along the route and sample the cream of local services. 

Connect at establishments offering free Wi-Fi, and support the local traders while you're there.

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No internet needed

The tour can be completed with GPS only.

Add an internet connection, and it becomes an interactive tour guide rolled into one mobile package.

Get online and enjoy the full range of weblinks, social sharing and additional information.

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"Parents, students and I have found ourselves getting quite emotional with the end result. We, as a school, cannot thank the team at Real Town Tours enough for all their hard work and dedication to our students.  It is a partnership that we are extremely proud to have forged and look forward to exploring new avenues in the future."

"It’s been a real pleasure to work with the Real Town Tours Team. The tour was great value and the team was professional, proactive and positive through the whole project from start to finish.”

Richard Wakeford Principal Rural Strategy Winchcombe Gloucestershire

"Very Impressive."

Real Town Tours Are Perfect For

Community Ambassadors


Town Tours

  Promote local cafes, restaurants, shops, pubs and family attractions.





Country Trails

  Discover peaceful woodlands, timeless lanes, ancient hedgerows and rolling hills.





Stately Homes

  Showcase historical buildings, formal gardens and opulent lifestyles in full glory.



Networking Collaborations


Treasure Hunts

  Draw tourists and families to your town to locate hidden treasures, and enjoy your attractions, shopping and hospitality.



Meeting & Events Management


Themed Walks

  Highlight picture perfect villages, centuries-old churches, public spaces and favourite pubs. The ideas are endless.






  Reveal Great Britan’s stunning Areas of Natural Beauty. These conservation parks have survived the test of time. 



Explainer Videos





The App







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