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Shaun Fagan, Managing Director

Principal in his own social media marketing agency, Shaun is the face of Real Towns and one of the most connected placemakers in the UK.

He also has extensive experience in software development, business analytics, event and project management. In January 2016 Shaun received a Special Recognition award from the Great British High Street judges for his “outstanding contribution” to the high street.

Wendy Riley, Editorial Director

As editorial director of Real Towns and ECN editor, Wendy is an experienced journalist, blogger, editor and creative writer.

She worked extensively for newspapers and magazines before specialising in production of digital content for websites and social media. Wendy is happy writing for business, and working on community and celebrity profiles, web pages, reports, submissions, marketing campaigns and image research.


Patrick Briscoe, Marketing Director

Pat is an experienced journalist, blogger and social media commentator, with expertise in website content strategy, planning and optimisation.

His professional repertoire includes newspaper and magazine reporting, business and social networking, public relations, business analysis, sales and experience owning and managing a business with 20 staff.

Ryan Lanham, Strategic Partnership Advisor

Ryan helps Real Towns consider strategic options and market approaches in the UK and globally.

He is a Managing Director of Greenstorc - Real Towns' community energy partner - and has more than 30 years experience in operations, finance and business strategy.


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