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  Digital Health Check


Has your place kept up with changes in technology? Is your local high street the beating heart of the community, or does it need intensive care?

Real Towns takes your pulse, measures your digital vital signs and finds effective solutions to the challenges facing your resident and business communities.


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Embrace Innovation

Join our process for cities, towns, villages and neighbourhoods to embrace digital innovation.

We can partner directly with you to open new doors on your journey towards a digital high street.

Real Towns brings people, places and the latest digital technology together.

Our Digital Health Check is essential for everyone interested in revitalising the places we love right around the UK.

Digital excellence is achievable right now. It begins by taking the Real Towns Digital Survey.

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Start Today

You can fill out the initial survey free and get your town’s preliminary score and a place on our Digital League Table.

We’ll then send you a link to the full survey and, for £499 and a short investment of your time, you’ll get our full report containing details of where your place sits on the connected spectrum and how it can move up the Digital League Table towards full Digital Hub Status.

Soon, you’ll reach our Digital Status benchmarks and proudly display our Real Towns Stamp of Approval on your websites, social media channels and publicity material.

Buy and complete the survey to reveal our bronze, silver and gold benchmarks, get your score out of 400, and receive a report containing:

≡ Your roadmap to a digital future

≡ Recommendations for what technology will get you there

≡ Digital Skills Training options

≡ Content guidelines for a comprehensive town-wide website, multiple social media channels, mobile apps and more

Once you start the process, you’ll never look back. Implementing our recommendations can happen as quickly as you like. You set the priorities, budgets and timetables.

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 Register Now

Complete the form at the bottom of this page, copy and paste these words into the Message Box: Send me a link to the survey. We’ll be in touch ASAP with instructions to complete the survey and, in no time:

Introduce you to a digital way of thinking and highlight hidden or complex challenges you must meet to progress.

Provide an opportunity to discuss, question and boost knowledge of new digital solutions.

Help you benchmark where your town sits on the ‘Connected’ spectrum.

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 Digital Status

Your town’s stamp of approval – a prestigious badge to display on your website, social media channels and publicity material. If your town doesn’t yet make the grade, don’t despair. Real Towns Digital Status is within reach.

Real Towns puts in place a tailored process of consultation, support and implementation.

Real Towns Digital Status is your gateway to a new way of promoting your place.

Wherever you’re at, Real Towns can find the right digital solution.


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