Real Towns brings digital solutions and fresh thinking to the challenges facing UK towns and cities today.

We work with Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), local authorities, business groups, Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), town teams and placemakers to build communities which thrive on smart technology and collaboration. 

Our holistic approach boosts business, attracts visitors, celebrates unique town heritage and offers residents new ways of engaging with the wider community.

Vibrant communities are a magnet for investment, employment, networking and recreation. The Real Towns programme binds these elements together, ensuring people work effectively with technology.

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We analyse your town and deliver a digital strategy to achieve your goals.



We build new digital assets connecting business, residents and visitors.


We work with you to create a vibrant, thriving community.


We create engaging digital content to promote your unique town brand.


We examine our results and continually strive for better outcomes.

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By bundling our services, we remove the stress of dealing with multiple suppliers and make sure all our efforts are working in sync to achieve your goals.

Or you can create your own package to match the unique circumstances in your town or city.

Real Towns will even co-invest in your community, only getting our profits when we achieve agreed outcomes.


We believe in empowerment – involving you in running your own community and controlling your destiny with the best digital technology at your disposal.

Real Towns leads from the front, and we’re happy to be judged by the results we achieve.

Are you ready to embrace digital innovation in your town or city? Start with us today.





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